The museum

The history of the Ten Boom family testifies of their love for and commitment to the Jewish people. The museum wants to be an 'open home', as a living memorial to this family who lived as Christians through their obedience to God and experienced His grace every day.

The museum

The Corrie ten Boom Museum is located in the house where three generations of the Ten Boom family lived between 1837 and 1945. The Corrie ten Boom House can only be visited with a guided tour. During a tour, visitors receive information about Corrie and her family, and about the events that took place in the Ten Boom house before and during the Second World War. Visitors can see the hiding place, family photographs and objects from the Second World War. The entire upper floor has been made into an exhibition hall.


Guided tours of the Corrie ten Boom Museum are given every week, Tuesday through Saturday. Tours take around an hour. The daily tours are in Dutch and English. Almost every week, there is a tour in German. Now and then, the museum also offers a tour in French. For more information, please check out the museum's openings hours and reservations pages. All of our tour guides are volunteers. Entrance to the Corrie ten Boom Museum is free for individual visitors and families, but a voluntary contribution is appreciated. For this purpose, the museum has a blessing box.
We ask a fixed contribution of € 50,- for groups of 10 persons of more in each tour. You can put this contribution in the blessingbox on the table in the dining room after the tour
The Museum is not large enough for visitors to wait inside for the tour to begin. Visitors therefore have to wait outside until they are invited into the house by a guide at the scheduled time.


To make a reservation, see the museum's openings hours and reservations pages.
For reserved places, only possible for the first two tours in the morning, we ask a voluntary donation. Other visitors can be added to groups of fewer than 20 people. Tours with reservations also begin promptly at the appointed time. If a group is not present at the appointed time, the reservation is cancelled and other visitors can take those places. Also, in the case of reservations, you are advised to be present 15 minutes before the appointed time.

Museum shop

The Museum Shop has a large variety of books about Corrie or written by her, both in Dutch and several foreign languages, including English. In addition, the shop also sells radio speeches, the Hiding Place DVD and an animated DVD for children. Our Museum Book "More Than a Hiding Place", written by Emily S. Smith, is the most complete book about Corrie and her family. It contains over 200 photographs (many in color) and the inspiring story of Corrie's life, told primarily in her own words. Many items from the Museum Shop can be ordered online.

Digital Tour

Unable to visit the Museum? Then watch our Virtual Tour and experience the Ten Boom's amazing story.

The Corrie ten Boom house comes to you

Staff members of the Corrie ten Boom Museum give presentations about Corrie, her family and the museum across The Netherlands. These presentations are very suited for parish evening meetings, women's clubs or senior clubs. For more information or bookings, contact us at [email protected]. We have also developed a special educational program for children. For more information visit