The Corrie ten Boom House Foundation is established in 1987 to run the former house of the Ten Boom Family as a museum. On April 15, 1988, Miss E. Schmitz - the mayor of Haarlem - opened the museum. Since then, the museum has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors.


The Corrie ten Boom House Foundation has a board consisting of members from the United States and the Netherlands:

Michael D. Evans, president

Frits Nieuwstraten, vice president and treasurer


The museum is run by an authorized Dutch member of the board as director. The director and all of the tour guides are volunteers. They can receive a reimbursement of expenses. In like manner, members of the board do not receive a compensation for their activities. Besides a staff of enthousiastic volunteers, the museum also employs two part-time co-workers who perform administrative duties.


The museum wants to be an 'open house' for visitors. Entry is free, but a voluntary contribution is appreciated. The Foundation does not receive a contribution by the government or from external funds. The revenues of the museum consist of donations of the sale of books, DVDs an other information carriers. The jewellery shop in the museum is run by a self-employed entrepreneur, who uses the name Ten Boom.

Other activities

Across the nation, The Foundation gives presentations (PowerPoint) The Foundation has also developed an educational and evangelization programme for schools, called Corrie4Kids. Key features of this programme are an animated DVD and the magazine 'Corrie!'


The Corrie ten Boom House Foundation is located in Haarlem and registered in the Chamber of Commerce, No 41224617. For information about our organisation as a Public Benefit Organization, see: