The aim of the Corrie ten Boom House Foundation is to keep alive the memory and spiritual heritage of the Ten Boom Family of Haarlem as a sign and inspiration for many. Besides running the Corrie ten Boom museum, the Foundation also gives presentaions, (re)publishes books, stimulaes the broadcasting of Corrie's radio messages across the world, develops educational programmes, and support all other activities that further the aim of the Foundation.

running the museum

In Dutch society, there is a constant interest for the subjects 'war' and 'resistance' . Many people, including many young people, attent the public commemorations of war victims. In addition, the number op people visiting war museums rises every year.

Partly due to the personal approach - i.e. guides tours - and the positive message that 'God gives people strength and encourage them even in their deepest misery', the Corrie ten Boom museum has also witnessed a steady growth in the number of people visiting this 'open home' of the Ten Boom Family.

To serve all visitors, at least two tour guides are present during opening hours. The co-workers of teh Corrie ten Boom House subscribe to the Foundation's principles and support its aims. Tours are available in several languages: Dutch, English and German. On request, a tour in French is also possible.

the house

The Corrie ten Boom House Foundation owns the Ten Boom Family house at Barteljorisstraat 19, Haarlem. Since 1837, the Ten Boom Family ran a watch shop in this house. In 1849, Willem ten Boom purchased te house. He, his family and his descendants would live there for almost a century. The house is instrumental in archieving the Foundations aims. By opening the house and its famous hiding place for the public, visitors can experience the spiritual heritage of the Ten Boom Family. Keeping the house in good order an repair is therefore an important activity of the Foundation.


To keep the memory of the Ten Boom Family alive, the Foundation deems it crucial to tel especially the youth about the spiritual heritage of this extraordinary family. Besides giving special tours to school children , the Foundation has therefore also developed an education programme called Corrie4Kids. Key features of this programme are an animated DVD about the Ten Boom Family during the Second World War and the magazine 'Corrie!' The Corrie4kids educational programme has been developed in collaboration with Edu-Sign, professionals in education

The collection of funds

The Foundation will focus its attention on the following projects:

1. preservation and maintenance of the museum

2. Renewal of the exhibition

3. Ministry outreach in Spain, France, Germany, Rumania, Turkey and Israel (Hebrew and Arabic)

4. Further development of youth education

These projects will be partly funded from the Foundation's own funds, but donors are called upon to support these projects financially and with their prayers. Revenues from the sale of books, DVDs and other items in the museum shop cover the museum's operating costs. Another source of income is the rent from the Ten Boom jewellery shop.

Every year, a certified public accountant compliles a financial report. Board members of the Corrie ten Boom House Foundation do not receive a compensation for there activities.